Iran Shoots Missiles Again…

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Iran ‘testing” its missiles, or trying to send a message to its Arab neighbors and the world? 

While Iranian news agencies (all state run), and perhaps western news outlets which fall for Iranian bait (clearly they for some reason believe that Iranian reporting is accurate and honest) would like to play us all as fools, and maintain that “Iran is testing its missiles which are meant to defend the state and its nuclear plants if under attack.”  To those which haven’t had the opportunity to learn critical and analytical thinking, and who take written word at face value, that doesn’t seem so wrong. 

But please lets consider the CONTEXT in which this happened.  In just a few days, international and multilateral discussion and negotiations will once again pick up in respect ot Iran’s nuclear endeavors.  clearly, these diplomatic missions including the IAEA are meant to minimize any chance of war– not warn Iran that a war over its nuclesr sites is pending…  so why would the Islaimc Regime flex its military might when it is clear that the West doesn’t seek war? 

This is nothing but another hint from Iran of ITS OWN goals– to harness the coercive a frightening power of nuclear weapons, to scare the region and terrorize the free world.  No rational state would be jeopardizing its image and its foreign policy objectives if it has nothing to hide– but when it “tests” missiles right before negotiations are meant to re-start, it becomes clear that the Ayatollahs are in fact sending a chilling message, that it is in fact THEY who are not afraid to unleash their military might– that it is in fact THEY who seek greater military capabilities and strength.


 For the last 3 weeks, an innocent person has been executed once every 8 hours, in Iran.  This, according to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI).  In  the past 3 weeks, 47 people have been executed in the Islamic Republic. 

Disgusting, but not shocking in the slightest. 

Iran is well known for its infatuation with execution as a form of punishment, even when the person is innocent of any crime, or worse when the “crime” is not a crime at all.  Come on… not only is exection an increasingly fowned upon and old fashioned punishment, but since when did anyone deserve to be formally and legally punished, or executed for “waging a war on God,” like  Ali Saremi was, just a few weeks ago.  Does no one find this mockery of life blasphemous, like I do? 

The truth is, the Islamic Regime in power today THRIVES off this type of coercive influence.  It need to be able to threaten people into comforming to strict Islamic rules… and dont forget, it is these 15th century, oppressive and chauventistic Islamic rules which have turned the lives of normal Iranian citizens into nightmares.  These laws keep a handful of deeply religious, sexist men in power– it gives them the right to marry and divorce as many wives as they want, steal  the money of the people, and do favors for their friends and family without any checks and balances.

When a country shamelessly executes 47 of its people back to back, either through hanging, stoning or beheading for outrageuous “crimes” like anti-revolution activities, or supporting womens rights, or even adultery– or for crimes like drug-trafficking (which dont deserve the death penalty), how can we trust that with more power, it will not do more harm? 

Iran is straight up butchering its own people, IMAGINE what the Ayatollahs would do if they have a nuclear bomb.  Imagine.  If Iran isnt stopped, the worst thoughts in our imaginations would inevitably be reality… 

Again, just think about it.  Iran has executed nearly 50 people in 3 weeks. That is one person every 8 hours.  That is a violation of human rights.  That is dehumanizing.  That is outrageously unacceptable. 

Just another example of a a nuclear Iran would be disasterous for Iranians and non-Iranians alike… Wake up people. 

You can find the article here…

This wee, Egypt denied Iran the right to unload “aid” for Gaza at it port.  It also didn’t issues unloading visas for the Iranian lawmakers unboard.  Basically, Iranian government officials, and Iranian goods were denied entry into Egypt, in order to get to Gaza. 

Without looking at the facts, this might seem irrational– but consider the context, and you will understand why, exactly, Egypt did the right thing.  And as an Iranian, I applaud them. 

Ok, listen.  Iranians at home are suffocating.  They are being choked, not only because of the oppressive laws, rampant human rights violations, and the inability to get real, unbiased information about their country and the world as a result of Iran’s crackdown on the spread of information.  But furthermore, the sanctions on Iran, as a result of the regime’s disdainful policies, have had a real effect on the citizenry.  Food and supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, prices are inflating to unbelieveable highs (meat, for example, is becoming less and less affordable) and, well, people are dealing with growing unemployment. 

The adversity facing our people is terrible– and you know, the regime is completely responsible.  The regime could end it all, cooperate with the international community, and create a democractic Iran which is a friend in the world– not a challenger, not a pariah, and not a threat. 

But if the regime isn’t going to change, or at least, reform its backwards Islamic lifestyle, then can’t it spend its time and money helping ITS OWN citizenry who are suffering, before it dedicates time, money and resources to help a foreign, radical Islamic, and Arab body? 

Why is Iran more concerned with giving money and resources to Hamas, when its own citizens are suffering at home– many starving, unable to pay rent, and get medical attention.  This really says something about the nature of the regime, the leaders and the values…

Palestinians and Gaza and Hamas have nothing to do with Iran, Iran’s people, Iran’s history and most improtantly, Iran’s future– they are not our neighbors, and there is, realistically, not real bridge which connects us.  SO WHY IS THE ISLAMIC REGIME SO PREOCCUPIED WITH GAZA?? 

Probably, because they care about one thing– spreading Radical Shia Islam, not actually taking care of their nation and their people.  Its such a shame…. really. 

Egypt did the right thing by refusing the Iranians– perhaps, if they continue to do it, Iran will eventually invest its money in its own population before seeking to help others, especially when its a place like Gaza that doesn’t really need us. 

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At a nuclear meeting with international diplomats last week, Iran made up lie after lie about the situation in Iran.  Not only did they negate the fact that there are massive and systemic human rights violations in Iran– where everyone is a possible target for the pettiest things– but the Iranian envoy to the meeting reiterated Ahmadinejad’s lies to the world– as though we don’t know better. 

Saeed Jalili, the envoiy, said that an Iran with NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES would be good for the world!!!!  Have you heard anything so outrageous?  Yes, these crazies think that the country with some of the most outrageous and outlandish violations of life and liberty as a nuclear power would actually benefit the world.  Well, I’d have to disagree with that one, Mr. Jalili. 

The truth is, unlike Jalili says, Iran is NOT in the best diplomatic, and economic shape its been in.  Thats a complete lie, and an attempt at the concept of the “big lie” theory– keep repeating a lie, and people will ultimately believe it. 

If there is one thing we know, its that sanctions are working and Iran IS NOT in its best possible economic or political shape.  The price of various things is skyrocketing, causing the citizenry to BLAME the Islamic Regime for the lack of a standard of living–  Iranians are finding the strength and courage to step up to the regime and talk back, voicing their opinions, and letting the world they have certainly had enough of this irrational, self-serving governing. 

The viability and effect of sanctions is only successful because of the real political isolation which Iran is facing right now– Europe, the Middle East and the US have each taken great steps to isolate the rogue state and have succeeded.  In fact we see this through Iran’s backtracking on its stoning sentencings, and its release of various hostages and prisoners– especially Sarah Shourd, the American hiker. 

The truth is, Iran is one big fat liar– lying to its people, lying to the rest of the world.  Hurting its own people, and with nuclear capabilities, will hurt the rest of the world too.  We really can’t let the nuclear thing happen, because if we do, the prospect of it becoming a law abiding, dignity respecting, and accountable democracy will go up in the air– the minute it shoots its frst missile. 

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 This week 4 Iranian journalists were arrested as a result of the Islamic Regime of Iran’s cultural and social oppression, and its consistent denial of Human Rights and liberty to its citizenry. 

According to an LA times Article,  (  the arrested journalists were writers for ‘Sharq’ a popular publication believed to have ties to the ‘reformist’ movement.  It is obvious that these arrests were purely political, and in order to send a chilling wave through the ranks of other Iranian jounrnalists, urging them to comply– or else…

How can we accept this?  An open society willing to constructively criticize itself is crucial for democracy, libery and progress– and Iran is systemically oppressing the Iranian spirit to learn, to be free and to be better.  Free Speech and Freedom of expression are both paramount human rights, natural rights which we do not always even recognize in our society anymore.

But when will enough be enough?  Why is America not up in arms?  Why are college students relatively quiet about the mockery of humanity in Iran?  The decades have shown that college students are in their own way, makers of the world as we know it– mobilization of voices in college has effected so much in the world– Vietnam, the War on Terror, Darfur and even Feminism.  So why are college students, and even American journalists falling quiet in the face of the violation of human rights in Iran? 

HELLO!!!  If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, and power shifts, journalists in the West might also deal with issues of censorship, and arrest.  We’ve already seen the assassination of dissidents and vocal critics of the Islamic Republic of Iran in France and other parts of Europe– will we allow for Iranian sphere of influence to grow so we might have to fear censorship, arrest and worse, assassination for simply speaking the truth? 

I appreciate the reporting– but where is the ACTION?

On the anniversary of Student Day, Iranian students have taken to the street in order to protest against the Islamic Regime in Iran, and demand their natural liberties and freedoms, democracy and human rights!  Student Day protests (Dec 7th) were some of the biggest protests since the 2009 elections, as Iranian university students from accross teh country literally poured into the streets en masse, chanting “Death to the dictator” (Ahmadinejad) and other similar slogans.  Iran’s Militias were going insane, trying to contain the crowds and censor their freedom of speech– but numbers show, you cannot silence an entire nation fighting against its oppression and devastation!

Watching videos from the protests give me goosebumps- it makes me think about how a new revolution in Iran is really starting– if we keep it up, democracy and human rights in Iran really isn’t as far away as we think!  We’ve been oppressed to long, and we have been forced to keep quiet out of fear of the Islamic Regime.  But times really are changing. 

Morally supporting Human Rights in Iran from the outside is greatly important!  While it might not be use putting our lives on the line to get their natural rights, our voices, our letters, our demonstrations and our influence do 2 things.  1– Our public opinion pressures Iran to COMPLY!!  No to nuclear rights, YES to HUMAN RIGHTS!  The futher the Islamic regime of Iran takes its radicalism, the more isolated it will find itself and it will be forced to reform in order to survive!  2– If our young Iranian brothers and sisters know we have their backs, and are supporting them, they are further invigorated to fight for what is theirs, FREEDOM! 

Here is a quick account of some of the Student Day Events!

Here is a video of Student Protests being suppressed!  Check out the Brave young Iranians standing up for the rights–

I just got this from my friend’s Facebook!  I thought it is an excellent way to get involved in promoting Human Rights in Iran, and helping free Majid Tavakkoli, an Iranian student imprisoned for exercising his natural right of Freedom of Speech.


Hey Guys,

As you all know, Dec 10th is International Human Rights Day– I’m sure you also know that Iran is at no shortage of horrific human rights violations against its own citizenry.  Journalists are denied their freedoms of speech, students are robbed of their rights to be free-thinking and progressive, and musicians and artists are often imprisoned and tortured– some have even turned to suicide in order to rid themselves of the vicious nature of Iran’s prison system.

The Islamic Regime is occupying an Iran with a rich history of Iranian (not Islamic) culture, arts and warm values continues to radicalize at the expense of the Iranian people, who yearn for the liberties we enjoy, and take for granted. 

Take a stand against the Islamic Regime’s barbaric behavior, and help bring about the freedom of Majid Tavakkoli, a student protestor who is rotting away in prison and being denied medical treatment. 

Please write a letter to Iran’s head of Judiciary URGING Tavakkoli’s release immediately!  Also, write a letter to Tavakkoli himself, reminding him to stay strong! 

Head of the Judiciary

Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani

Howzeh Riyasat-e Qoveh Qazaiyeh

(Office of the Head of the Judiciary)

Pasteur St., Vali Asr Avenue

south of Serah-e Jomhouri

Tehran 1316814737


*Salutation: Your Excellency

Majid Tavakkoli

End of Yas Street

Section 3, Miyanroud District

Shiraz, Fars Province

Post code: 7179743355


International airmail postage is $0.98


 Check out this website for more info about the write-a-thon, and how to write an effective letter.