Students Protest Human Rights Violations and Oppression in Iran

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

On the anniversary of Student Day, Iranian students have taken to the street in order to protest against the Islamic Regime in Iran, and demand their natural liberties and freedoms, democracy and human rights!  Student Day protests (Dec 7th) were some of the biggest protests since the 2009 elections, as Iranian university students from accross teh country literally poured into the streets en masse, chanting “Death to the dictator” (Ahmadinejad) and other similar slogans.  Iran’s Militias were going insane, trying to contain the crowds and censor their freedom of speech– but numbers show, you cannot silence an entire nation fighting against its oppression and devastation!

Watching videos from the protests give me goosebumps- it makes me think about how a new revolution in Iran is really starting– if we keep it up, democracy and human rights in Iran really isn’t as far away as we think!  We’ve been oppressed to long, and we have been forced to keep quiet out of fear of the Islamic Regime.  But times really are changing. 

Morally supporting Human Rights in Iran from the outside is greatly important!  While it might not be use putting our lives on the line to get their natural rights, our voices, our letters, our demonstrations and our influence do 2 things.  1– Our public opinion pressures Iran to COMPLY!!  No to nuclear rights, YES to HUMAN RIGHTS!  The futher the Islamic regime of Iran takes its radicalism, the more isolated it will find itself and it will be forced to reform in order to survive!  2– If our young Iranian brothers and sisters know we have their backs, and are supporting them, they are further invigorated to fight for what is theirs, FREEDOM! 

Here is a quick account of some of the Student Day Events!

Here is a video of Student Protests being suppressed!  Check out the Brave young Iranians standing up for the rights–

  1. Sanaz says:

    I’m so inspired by the student protests! Their thirst for freedom and democracy reminds me of what I have taken for granted here in the States. Keep it up! Love Live Iran!

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