Iranian Journalists Oppressed, Arrested and Denied Human Rights

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

 This week 4 Iranian journalists were arrested as a result of the Islamic Regime of Iran’s cultural and social oppression, and its consistent denial of Human Rights and liberty to its citizenry. 

According to an LA times Article,  (  the arrested journalists were writers for ‘Sharq’ a popular publication believed to have ties to the ‘reformist’ movement.  It is obvious that these arrests were purely political, and in order to send a chilling wave through the ranks of other Iranian jounrnalists, urging them to comply– or else…

How can we accept this?  An open society willing to constructively criticize itself is crucial for democracy, libery and progress– and Iran is systemically oppressing the Iranian spirit to learn, to be free and to be better.  Free Speech and Freedom of expression are both paramount human rights, natural rights which we do not always even recognize in our society anymore.

But when will enough be enough?  Why is America not up in arms?  Why are college students relatively quiet about the mockery of humanity in Iran?  The decades have shown that college students are in their own way, makers of the world as we know it– mobilization of voices in college has effected so much in the world– Vietnam, the War on Terror, Darfur and even Feminism.  So why are college students, and even American journalists falling quiet in the face of the violation of human rights in Iran? 

HELLO!!!  If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, and power shifts, journalists in the West might also deal with issues of censorship, and arrest.  We’ve already seen the assassination of dissidents and vocal critics of the Islamic Republic of Iran in France and other parts of Europe– will we allow for Iranian sphere of influence to grow so we might have to fear censorship, arrest and worse, assassination for simply speaking the truth? 

I appreciate the reporting– but where is the ACTION?

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    Glad I found this blog.

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