Why does Iran keep lying about its intentions?

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

At a nuclear meeting with international diplomats last week, Iran made up lie after lie about the situation in Iran.  Not only did they negate the fact that there are massive and systemic human rights violations in Iran– where everyone is a possible target for the pettiest things– but the Iranian envoy to the meeting reiterated Ahmadinejad’s lies to the world– as though we don’t know better. 

Saeed Jalili, the envoiy, said that an Iran with NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES would be good for the world!!!!  Have you heard anything so outrageous?  Yes, these crazies think that the country with some of the most outrageous and outlandish violations of life and liberty as a nuclear power would actually benefit the world.  Well, I’d have to disagree with that one, Mr. Jalili. 

The truth is, unlike Jalili says, Iran is NOT in the best diplomatic, and economic shape its been in.  Thats a complete lie, and an attempt at the concept of the “big lie” theory– keep repeating a lie, and people will ultimately believe it. 

If there is one thing we know, its that sanctions are working and Iran IS NOT in its best possible economic or political shape.  The price of various things is skyrocketing, causing the citizenry to BLAME the Islamic Regime for the lack of a standard of living–  Iranians are finding the strength and courage to step up to the regime and talk back, voicing their opinions, and letting the world they have certainly had enough of this irrational, self-serving governing. 

The viability and effect of sanctions is only successful because of the real political isolation which Iran is facing right now– Europe, the Middle East and the US have each taken great steps to isolate the rogue state and have succeeded.  In fact we see this through Iran’s backtracking on its stoning sentencings, and its release of various hostages and prisoners– especially Sarah Shourd, the American hiker. 

The truth is, Iran is one big fat liar– lying to its people, lying to the rest of the world.  Hurting its own people, and with nuclear capabilities, will hurt the rest of the world too.  We really can’t let the nuclear thing happen, because if we do, the prospect of it becoming a law abiding, dignity respecting, and accountable democracy will go up in the air– the minute it shoots its frst missile. 

Check out more info on the subject at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/07/AR2010120706701.html


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