Egypt Stands Against Iran– The Right Step

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

This wee, Egypt denied Iran the right to unload “aid” for Gaza at it port.  It also didn’t issues unloading visas for the Iranian lawmakers unboard.  Basically, Iranian government officials, and Iranian goods were denied entry into Egypt, in order to get to Gaza. 

Without looking at the facts, this might seem irrational– but consider the context, and you will understand why, exactly, Egypt did the right thing.  And as an Iranian, I applaud them. 

Ok, listen.  Iranians at home are suffocating.  They are being choked, not only because of the oppressive laws, rampant human rights violations, and the inability to get real, unbiased information about their country and the world as a result of Iran’s crackdown on the spread of information.  But furthermore, the sanctions on Iran, as a result of the regime’s disdainful policies, have had a real effect on the citizenry.  Food and supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, prices are inflating to unbelieveable highs (meat, for example, is becoming less and less affordable) and, well, people are dealing with growing unemployment. 

The adversity facing our people is terrible– and you know, the regime is completely responsible.  The regime could end it all, cooperate with the international community, and create a democractic Iran which is a friend in the world– not a challenger, not a pariah, and not a threat. 

But if the regime isn’t going to change, or at least, reform its backwards Islamic lifestyle, then can’t it spend its time and money helping ITS OWN citizenry who are suffering, before it dedicates time, money and resources to help a foreign, radical Islamic, and Arab body? 

Why is Iran more concerned with giving money and resources to Hamas, when its own citizens are suffering at home– many starving, unable to pay rent, and get medical attention.  This really says something about the nature of the regime, the leaders and the values…

Palestinians and Gaza and Hamas have nothing to do with Iran, Iran’s people, Iran’s history and most improtantly, Iran’s future– they are not our neighbors, and there is, realistically, not real bridge which connects us.  SO WHY IS THE ISLAMIC REGIME SO PREOCCUPIED WITH GAZA?? 

Probably, because they care about one thing– spreading Radical Shia Islam, not actually taking care of their nation and their people.  Its such a shame…. really. 

Egypt did the right thing by refusing the Iranians– perhaps, if they continue to do it, Iran will eventually invest its money in its own population before seeking to help others, especially when its a place like Gaza that doesn’t really need us. 

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