Iran Shoots Missiles Again…

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Iran ‘testing” its missiles, or trying to send a message to its Arab neighbors and the world? 

While Iranian news agencies (all state run), and perhaps western news outlets which fall for Iranian bait (clearly they for some reason believe that Iranian reporting is accurate and honest) would like to play us all as fools, and maintain that “Iran is testing its missiles which are meant to defend the state and its nuclear plants if under attack.”  To those which haven’t had the opportunity to learn critical and analytical thinking, and who take written word at face value, that doesn’t seem so wrong. 

But please lets consider the CONTEXT in which this happened.  In just a few days, international and multilateral discussion and negotiations will once again pick up in respect ot Iran’s nuclear endeavors.  clearly, these diplomatic missions including the IAEA are meant to minimize any chance of war– not warn Iran that a war over its nuclesr sites is pending…  so why would the Islaimc Regime flex its military might when it is clear that the West doesn’t seek war? 

This is nothing but another hint from Iran of ITS OWN goals– to harness the coercive a frightening power of nuclear weapons, to scare the region and terrorize the free world.  No rational state would be jeopardizing its image and its foreign policy objectives if it has nothing to hide– but when it “tests” missiles right before negotiations are meant to re-start, it becomes clear that the Ayatollahs are in fact sending a chilling message, that it is in fact THEY who are not afraid to unleash their military might– that it is in fact THEY who seek greater military capabilities and strength.


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